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Reimbursed medicines

You can quickly and easily find out whether a medicine is subsidised and included in the high-cost threshold by searching our database, our decision documentation or by going to

Find which medicines are reimbursed quickly on the TLV website by searching our database.Our database

Our database contains prices and information about the medicines included in the high-cost threshold. You can find out about dosage form, strength, decision history and applicable restrictions. The information in the database is based on the decisions we have issued. Medicines we have not reviewed are not included in the database.


Our decision documentation contains the motivation for the decisions we take. You will find information on which medicines have been granted reimbursement, and which are subject to special conditions or restrictions.

Subsidy information at

The Fass Web site contains information about all medicines. indicates whether a medicine is included in the benefits scheme or is subject to restriction.

Swedish Information Database for Pharmaceutical Products (SIL)

We work in cooperation with the Swedish Information Database for Pharmaceutical Products, SIL. They provide data, including information on restrictions, to a number of journal systems.