Prices in our database

In our database you can find medical products and medical devices. You can find information on prices, dosage form, restrictions, decision records and so on.

All of the information in the database is in Swedish.

If you want to carry out a more specific search for medicines and prices of medicines use the Medicines, Läkemedel, tab. There you can search for products, companies, product numbers or ATC codes.

You can also search for medical devices under the tab for medical devices, förbrukningsartiklar.

The two tick boxes beside the search fields mean:

  • Hide detailed information
  • Hide texts on restrictions

Translation of commonly used words:

  • Produkt = Product
  • Form = Dosage form
  • Styrka = Strength
  • Storlek = Size
  • AIP (Apotekets inköpspris) = AIP (Pharmacy Wholesale Price)
  • Pris = Price (Skr)
  • Sub = Reimbursed
  • Företag = Company
  • ATC-kod = ATC code
  • Varunr = Product number
  • Begränsning av subvention = Restriction of reimbursement

Follow the link "Sök i databasen" to the right to reach the database.

Last updated 16 juni 2020