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International collaboration

TLV takes part in several international collaboration projects and networks. The purpose is to exchange information with international colleagues, enhance our processes based on best practices and to secure a broader basis for decision-making, as well as to support the Swedish government in the EU and other international collaboration with expertise on pricing and reimbursement practices.

Based on Sweden’s experiences of value-based pricing and the efforts currently made by the Swedish stakeholders to develop value-based pricing in our sector, TLV strives to be an open and constructive partner, within the Swedish legal framework for transparency.

As a member state of the EU and as instructed by the government, TLV takes active part in the EU collaboration in the pricing and reimbursement area. TLV also follows the development of relevant EU regulations and directives.

Examples of EU-based collaborations where TLV experts are active are among others the EUnetHTA, the HTA Network, PPRI, EURIPID, FINOSE and HTx. TLV also takes part in HTAi and in the Nordic Council Working Group on Exchange of information and Experience in the Medicines Area (WGEMA).

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Fora for international collaboration

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4 August 2022