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Fora for international collaboration

These are a few of the international projects and networks that TLV takes part in.


The European network for Health Technology Assessment, EUnetHTA, works to help developing reliable, timely, transparent and transferable information to contribute to HTAs in European countries. TLV takes active part in the work on guidelines and position papers to improve quality and adequacy of additional evidence generation.

HTA Network

The HTA Network, based on article 15 in the EU Directive on the application of patients’ rights in cross-border healthcare (2011/24/EU) aims at reaching a common agreement on a vision of HTA cooperation at EU level and to trigger reflections at national level on how EU cooperation can support national activities.


The Pharmaceutical Pricing and Reimbursement Information network, PPRI, provides a platform for decision-making government bodies to share experiences and discuss national policies and developments in the field of pricing and reimbursement of pharmaceuticals from a public health perspective.

The members represent all 28 EU Member States, 9 other European countries and 5 non-European countries.

PPRI is managed by the WHO Collaborating Centre (WHOCC) for Pharmaceutical Pricing and Reimbursement Policies. It assists with organizing meetings as well as finding a solution for member countries who are interested in conducting research within the field of pricing and reimbursement on a case-per-case basis.

The database EURIPID, European Integrated Price Information Database, is compiled by 26 Pricing and Reimbursement authorities in the EU and allows for extensive comparisons on prices. It also gives information on the pricing and reimbursement system of each member country. The access is restricted to the participating authorities.


Health Technology Assessment International , HTAi, is a global scientific and professional society for Health Technology Assessment (HTA). The HTAi network aims at being an informal meeting place for companies, authorities and NGO:s discussing current issues in HTA. TLV takes part for Sweden together with SBU.

The mission of HTAi is to support and promote the development, communication, understanding and use of health technology assessment (HTA) around the world, as a scientifically based and multidisciplinary means of informing decision making regarding the introduction of effective innovations and the efficient use of resources in health care.

HTA is a multidisciplinary field that addresses the health impacts of technology, considering its specific healthcare context as well as available alternatives. Contextual factors addressed by HTA include economic, organizational, social, and ethical impacts.


HTx is a Horizon 2020 project supported by the European Union, kicking-off in January 2019 and lasting for 5 years. The main aim of HTx is to create a framework for the Next Generation Health Technology Assessment (HTA) to support patient-centered, societally oriented, real-time decision-making on access to and reimbursement for health technologies throughout Europe.


The FINOSE is a Nordic collaboration of Finland, Norway and Sweden in HTA (Health Technology Assessment). The collaborating agencies are Sweden’s Dental and Pharmaceutical Benefits Agency (TLV), the Norwegian Medicines Agency (NoMA) and the Finnish Medicines Agency (Fimea). FINOSE is now accepting applications for joint assessment. The FINOSE collaboration aims at: Supporting timely and equal access to medical technologies, gaining additional knowledge about the products, increased efficiency in production of assessment reports, less divergence in HTA methodologies and evidence requirements and reduced complexity in industry submissions.

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