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Our mission

Our duty is to examine which medicines, medical devices and dental care treatments shall be subsidised by society. We also determine retail margins for all pharmacies in Sweden, regulate the substitution of medicines at the pharmacies and supervise certain areas of the pharmaceutical market.

In addition to examining new medicines, we also work systematically to evaluate the medicines included in the high-cost threshold to determine whether their reimbursement should be maintained or restricted.

On the pharmacy market our remit is to create the conditions for quality service and accessibility at pharmacies. We do this partly through the generic substitution system and the retail margin for pharmacies.  We also supervise the pharmacies and certain aspects of the pharmaceutical markets.

Furthermore, we decide how much a medicine or a medical device in the high-cost threshold should cost. And, we determine what margin pharmacies should use when selling products, meaning the difference between the wholesale and retail prices.

Medicines for individual patients

We also determine whether licensed medicinal products and extemporaneous medicines (preparations that are tailormade for a certain patient) will be included in the high-cost threshold. Licensed medicinal products are medicines which can be sold in Sweden to certain patients although they have not been approved by the Swedish Medical Products Agency.

We determine the price for medicinal gases prescribed to individual patients within the high-cost threshold, such as oxygen.

Dental care

We determine which dental care procedures will be subsidised and set reference prices, i.e. the prices on which reimbursement is calculated.

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