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Product of the month

The product of the month is the product pharmacies offer their customers when the pharmacies have to substitute medicines subject to generic competition. The products of the month are set one month at a time. The company responsible for the product of the month shall provide it to all pharmacies in Sweden.

Each month we publish a list where the appointed products of the months are highlighted. All pharmacies shall offer their customers the product of the month when they substitute medicines.

To be appointed product of the month, the product has to be the least expensive within the package size group it belongs to and the pharmaceutical company have to confirm that they can supply the product to all pharmacies in Sweden for the entire month with a sufficient expiration date. We decide which medicines are to be the product of the month by comparing prices within the package size group the product belongs to. Then pharmacies substitute the prescription medicine to the package with the lowest sales price per unit (for example tablet, capsule, milliliter).

Three products are marked

In the list of products of the month we mark three products in each package size group. The products of the month are highlighted in green. Two additional products are marked to facilitate dispensing for pharmacies when the product of the month is out-of-stock, these are highlighted in yellow.

Pharmacies cannot choose freely between the three products, but they can offer pharmacy customers the next cheapest in exceptional cases, such as when there are delivery problems.

Products of the month apply for one month until we have updated the file with new prices and medicines. It may happen that a medicine in the list is not available for the entire period, and in these cases we also update the list during the month.

We will appoint a new product if the current is not available

Pharmaceutical companies shall be prepared to provide the product we appoint as the product of the month to all of the pharmacies in Sweden for the entire period. We want to avoid the circumstance of the least expensive products not being available at pharmacies. If a company cannot supply the product it is crucial that the TLV is informed - and then we can appoint a new product.

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