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Pharmaceutical reviews

TLV can at any time review the reimbursement status of medicines to see if they should continue to be subsidized or not.

TLV can review individual medicines or smaller groups of medicines, within medical areas where we consider it to be reasonable to question whether the medicine is cost-effective or not. The balance between medicines’ cost-effectiveness ratio changes over time, for example when new medicines are subsidized or when we accept new pricing for a medicine.

Prior to commencing a new review, TLV makes prioritization analyses where we, among other things, consider sales volumes, reimbursement costs, cost per DDD, expanded indications and expired patents. TLV is also in contact with the region councils and provide them with an opportunity to submit suggestions on which products we should review.

TLV may also start a review in connection with evaluating an application for a new medicine to be part of the reimbursement system. Such a review can take place if there are deficiencies within a specific medical area when it comes to usage or cost-effectiveness.

If a review is started the company or companies affected are informed.

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1 August 2022
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