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The market for medical devices in Sweden

The variation of medical devices includes advanced technologies with invasive treatment methods to items used for daily care such as bandages or test strips and even IT-systems. Effects of medical devices are generally reached without the aid of pharmaceutical, immunological or metabolic substances.

The market for medical devices is growing and the current number of products available in Sweden is estimated to be approximately 800 000 and is a rapidly growing industry. In 2012 over 20 billion Swedish kronor (SEK) were estimated to have been spent on medical devices.

In the following year, 2013, it is estimated that the amount spent on medical devices in Sweden increased to approximately 22 billion SEK. The number of medical device companies in Sweden has grown to approximately 580 companies with five or more employees and net sales over a million SEK.

TLV works to provide information and to support decision makers and clinicians with in the 21 region councils in Sweden and 290 municipalities who independently procure medical devices.

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1 August 2022
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