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In 2012, The Dental and Pharmaceutical Benefits Agency (TLV) was commissioned by the Swedish Government to conduct health technology assessments of medical devices.

The project was carried out on a trial basis and a final report was published October 2013. The final report included health technology assessments of selected groups of medical devices that had been evaluated and summary of how a permanent commission might be structured.

In October 2013, TLV was awarded a renewed commission by the government to continue and expand the work with health technology assessment of medical devices. The government commission for 2014 included objectives to develop methods for the evaluation of cost effectiveness of new and innovative medical devices not yet introduced on the Swedish market, and lacking validated data.

During 2015 TLV worked to increase coordination with region councils and with internal development of processes as part of the government commission for assessment of medical devices. TLV has since then gotten a renewed commission by the government and TLV will deliver its next interim report in 2018.

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