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Power of attorney required

We require that all persons representing companies who have contact with us present a power of attorney (POA) from their company, stating that the person is authorised to represent the company towards TLV.

A POA is required for a person who uses the TLV e-service, sends paper applications or contacts TLV in other matters if that contact results in or affects decisions from TLV concerning the company.

We therefore ask companies to submit POA:s for all employees who have contacts with TLV that result in decisions affecting the company.


The POA only needs to be presented once. It can be sent by post, or as a scanned copy via e-mail to registrator@tlv.se.

For a POA to be accepted it needs to be signed by either one person who is authorised to sign alone for the company or more persons who are authorized to co-sign for the company.

Non-Swedish companies should also submit documentation – for instance a copy from the national company index – verifying that the signer/signers have the necessary authority to sign for the company.

We accept POAs both in Swedish and English. For English POAs there is no form required; you may use your own wording.

How to write a POA

A POA giving a person the right to represent the company towards TLV in all matters can for instance be written as follows:

The company xxx [name and company number], registered at the following address:


entrusts [Name], [job title], [phone number], [e-mail] as representative towards Tandvårds- och läkemedelsförmånsverket (The Dental and Pharmaceutical Benefits Agency), Sweden, in all matters.

When a POA is not needed

Note that a person who is authorised to sign alone for the company does not need a POA, but should send documentation verifying the person's said authority.

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25 September 2022