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Processing time

Our processing time varies depending on the purpose of the application. The maximum processing time is 180 days; however, it is often shorter.

Below you will find the processing times for our most common activities.

Processing for medicine pricing and reimbursement

We send notification of our medicine reimbursement and pricing decision no later than 180 days after receipt of a complete application for inclusion in the pharmaceutical benefits scheme.

This deadline applies to reimbursement and pricing applications for:

  • new original brand products
  • new dosage forms for medicines already granted reimbursement status
  • new licensed medicinal products
  • new generic medicinal products
  • new parallel imported medicinal products
  • new dosage strengths for medicines already granted reimbursement status
  • new packaging for medicines already granted reimbursement status

Short processing times

Our processing time is often shorter than 180 days, even in the case of complex reimbursement and pricing applications for new original medicinal products. This is because we usually begin processing the application even before all documentation has been received, and processing time officially begins once the all application materials have been received.

Complete applications

In order for an application to be considered complete, the company must submit an affirmative approval decision from the Swedish Medical Products Agency or the EU Commission.

How we process pricing decisions

For price increase applications for medicinal products where the retail price has already been determined, we process the application and issue a decision notification within 90 days of receipt of the application. If we decide to reduce the previously determined retail price, we will issue notification of our decision as quickly as possible.

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1 August 2022