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Apply for reimbursement

Here you will find information on how to apply for reimbursement, pricing or price changes for a medicine.

There are two ways to apply for reimbursement:

  1. E-application (e-ansökan)
  2. Printed application (pappersblankett)

We recommend  e-application (e-ansökan)

You can fill in the e-application (e-ansökan) quickly, easily and directly over the Internet. Processing is fast and safe, and your application can be revised and updated.

No special equipment will be required. To use the service, you will need a user name and password, as well as a mobile phone number.

In order to access the e-application, you must register for the e-application service (e-ansökan). You will find more information in the hyperlink “Requirements for e-application" under the menu in the blue column to the right.


Certain e-application (e-ansökan) applicants will receive electronic notice of our decision. Rather than an ordinary letter sent through the mail, we will send notice of our decision regarding price increases up to ceilings, price decreases and revocation in digital format through email.

Printed application

Fill in the printed application and send to registrator@tlv.se. This printed application is written in Swedish. You will find the hyperlink “Printed application” under the menu in the blue column to the right.

Applying for price change?

If you want to make sure your price change is included on our next price list, we ask that you send in your application in a timely manner.

Please also remember to use a separate form for price increase and price decrease applications.

Before you submit your application

Remember that your application must contain all the documentation and paperwork we need in order to process it.

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28 October 2022
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